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Here’s a list of our most popular Cross Canyon Cartridges:

22 Cross Canyon
80 gr Berger VLD @ 3565 fps Approximate Velocity

7mm Cross Canyon Short
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3250 fps with 3941 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
160 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3120 fps with 3442 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

7mm Cross Canyon
180 gr Berger VLD @ 3350 fps Approximate Velocity

300 Cross Canyon Short
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3250 fps Approximate Velocity

300 Cross Canyon
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3600 fps with 4628 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
180 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3325 fps with 4543 ft-lbs muzzle energy
200 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3260 fps with 4960 ft-lbs muzzle energy
210 gr Berger VLD @ 3250 fps with 4836 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

375 Cross Canyon
260 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3043 fps with 5347 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
300 gr Barnes Bullet @ 2995 fps with 5977 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

The above list is just a sample to the wide variety of Cross Canyon Cartridges. We're constantly trying to push the envelope of our technology to give you the fastest and most forgiving cartridge on the market.


Cross Canyon Arms is proud to introduce our new and improved Cross Canyon Cartridges. We've designed our cases with sharper shoulder angles, less body taper for in increased powder consumption all with the single intent of faster speeds and improved velocity. This gives the shooter improved ballistics and a higher success rate of first shot hits or kills. Sometimes you get just that one opportunity, it needs to count. Our cartridges, paired with our custom line of highly accurate rifles, gives you the edge you need for any task.

Nothing shoots harder, faster or flatter then our cartridges. Cross Canyon Arms owner Chris Woods personally stands behind our cartridges and has numerous years of hunting behind these guns. We know they work and we've proved it, again and again. Nothing shoots harder.... increase a bullets speed and you've increased the bullets energy for "knock down" power. Nothing shoots flatter..... increasing a bullets speed means its flying through the air with an improved BC allowing a flatter more accurate trajectory to target. Reaching targets at distances to 1,000yds with our cartridges is giving you sometimes the fastest TOF's around. Some 1,000yd Time of Flights are right at one second even! Our cartridges are more forgiving than any other out there, period.


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