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The standard rifles or the service rifles seem to be the most commonly used rifles by the police and the military. Guns like the AK-47, AK-103, and SMG etc are considered to be the best for ground situations. They are also comparatively easier handle due to the fact that these guns are mostly used to fire at shorter ranges.
So what is a long range rifle? The very word rifle fills in our mind the image of a long shaped gun with a scope attached to it.
There is often confusion while choosing a gun. People are confused between the regular rifles and the custom made rifles.
Hunting is not just something people do for fun. It is not just a sport, it is a passion. The thrill and adventure of hunting cannot be compared with any other activity. It requires the skillfulness that is required in a shooting contest. However, the suspense of a wild life safari adds to the flavor of hunting.
When selecting ammunition for your firearm there are some factors to consider. And of course not all ammunition is created equal. These are five tips we wanted to share with you to help you pick the best ammunition and why Cross Canyons ammunition is the best available on the market.


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