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Shoot with the Best Long Range Hunting Rifle.

So what is a long range rifle? The very word rifle fills in our mind the image of a long shaped gun with a scope attached to it. A long range rifle is not just a gun that makes noise and launches lead. It is a package of optics, rifle, ammo and rests that allow a hunter to engage game accurately at very long distances. A rifle defines a hunter or a shooter. Thus if you want to play your best game accurately and sharply from a distance, then you must own a the best quality rifle.

Now before you think of owning a hunting rifle you must consider few points. First, define your purpose of purchasing the rifle. What do you want to do with the rifle? Is it specifically meant for hunting, or is it for a professional shooting use. Next try to understand the type, range and effectiveness of your rifle so that you can purchase the best suited ammunition for it. Remember without proper ammunition your best in class rifle might look like a child’s gun purchased from a local store.

At Cross Canyons Arms we provide the best, accurate and the most efficient rifle, parts and ammunition. Three words that define us are dynamic, accurate and enriched with experience. Indeed when you combine the 35 long years of experience in gun making and 30 years of experience in aerospace making then you are bound to get the best in class objects. Cross Canyon Arms, manufactures of the most accurate, hardest hitting, flattest shooting rifles and calibers available, guaranteed. We even help you to build your custom gun. You tell us your requirements in terms of type of shooting, game and location and we will provide you with the best gun and ammo available. You can rely on us to provide the best with assured quality.

Hardest Hitting Rifles

  • Cross Canyons Arms provides the best, accurate and the most efficient rifle, parts and ammunition.
  • We are dynamic, accurate and enriched with experience.
  • Cross Canyon Arms provides the best with assured quality. 

Still wondering why own a long range rifle from us? The best answer is that we provide the best long range hunting rifle. We have a dynamic system. We take in hunting and shooting experiences from people and professionals. We are always striving to develop the best products. When it comes to making a rifle with the Cross Canyon Arms name on it, we want you to feel confident in knowing that we aim to be the best of the best. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and accept nothing less. If you own a rifle do own the most accurate rifle and see, feel and live the difference that makes us the best rifle manufacturers in the market.


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