1010 W Kershaw St. Ogden, UT 84401
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CCA is dedicated to fine Gunsmithing and customer service. We believe in quality workmanship. The trade of Gunsmithing is older than America itself. Bearing Arms has been the lynchpin of our free people because it gives us individual power to defend against tyranny and above all prevent violence. American Gunsmiths have always been around since before the American Revolution and have provided the services and education their clients need to bring their arms to bear. Cross Canyon Arms believes in carrying on the tradition of American Gunsmithing. We professionally repair, build, rebuild, refinish, clean and customize firearms with skills involving mechanics, machining, welding, woodcarving and artistry.


General Repair Work $55 Per Man Hour $95 Per Man/Machine Hour
FFL Transfer $35 Per Firearm
Inspect and Quote $45
Test Fire/Chrono $25 (3 Rounds)
Disassemble/Clean/Oil $65 (Starting)
Bore Scope Factory Barrel $15
Check Headspace $35
Drill/Tap Receiver $22.50 Per Hole
Remove Stuck Round/Case $70 (Starting)
Re-Coil Pad $65 (Plus Pad Cost)
Stock Refinish Paint: $105
Hydro-Drip: $115-$145 (Plus Shipping)
Clear/Oil: Call For Quote 801-731-0172
Swivel Stud Install $95 (Up to Three)
Re-Blue $155 (Starting)
Thread Barrel $125 (Stating)
Thread/Fit/Chamber Customer Barrel
To Customer Action
$685 (Additional Cost May Apply)
AR15 Lower Assembly $110
Semi-Auto Pistol Sight Installation
(Labor Only)
$135 For Stake Sights
$110 For XD/XDM's

Although we will repair or do custom work on just about any gun, we specialize in Bolt Action Rifles and ask that appropriate time be given for any and all custom defined work.


M-F 9am-6pm
1010 West Kershaw St
Ogden, Utah 84401