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Barrel fluting is one of the most controversial subjects in gun building. What is its primary function…heat dissipation? increased rigidity? reduced weight? increased overall looks? There are both fact and theories that give good reason why to flute or why not to flute your barrel. Cross Canyon Arms Master Gunsmith Brad Stair believes that proper barrel fluting is a very important factor in your rifles accuracy. Not so much in that its simply fluted, but the method of how your barrel is fluted, the depth and size of the flutes. Fluting a barrel allows for you to have a larger diameter barrel at a lighter weight, this unique combination gives you the best of both worlds. We believe that fluting a barrel isn’t simply the process of running the latest CNC program down your barrel. Brad has tested and proved that his methods of over 35 years in the business is the best way to flute a barrel. At first glance a fluted barrel on a rifle looks great and is very attractive, when you pick up a CCA fluted rifle you’ll notice the weight and balance of the rifle is spot on and very proportionate. With a properly fluted barrel your achieving a virtually stable bullet as it travels down the barrel with inherently noticeable reduction in vibration, this is due to the “I-beam” effect that barrel fluting does. Surrounding the bullet as it travels down the path are miniature I-beams that are reducing the harmonic imbalance and vibrations from a round barrel therefore increasing your shot after shot reliability. Not to mention that the larger barrel surface allows for faster heat dissipation.

Barrel Fluting: $285 *

* Starting price, tear down fees may apply


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