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The barrel crown is argumentatively one of the most discussed methods among gunsmiths. There are several variations of what the crown should be and or look like, target, recessed, 11 degree, concave’d, recessed with a square 90 degree “step”. Basically as long as the gases escape evenly around the base of the bullet, then any type (done accurately) will work just fine. Its been said that with boat tail bullets that the crown is not as important as it would be with flat base bullets. Any small imperfection on the crown will distort gas pressure as the bullet leaves the barrel and will have a negative impact on the bullet path, Cross Canyon Arm’s offer’s several design’s and are fully capable of meeting your needs, give us a call and we can discuss which crown works best for you.

Barrel Recrowning – $90*

*Starting price, additional cost may apply for rifle tear down. Call us at 801-731-0172 for a quote.


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