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Glass bedding is a great way for reducing harmonics between your barreled action and rifle stock to increase the accuracy and shot after shot consistency. Glass bedding your rifle gives it a stable and consistent contact surface between your receiver and stock. Free floating and bedding your action and barrel chamber is a great way to finish up any rifle, it prevents stress, flexing, vibration, reduces movement of the action in the stock with increased rigidity. Cross Canyon Arms professional staff will take your rifle and make sure that optimum performance is achieved, Being sure that the barrel channel is free and clear of the barrel touching the stock. Without proper bedding, the action may be more likely to shift after a shot, if the action shifts and does not return to the same spot in the stock, your rifle will lose its ability to maintain an accurate zero.

Glass Bedding – $120*

*Starting price, inquire for more details about what will fit your needs, additional cost may apply.


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