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Pillar bedding is the ultimate bedding system for your rifle, the same steps and techniques are used from normal glass bedding, but with the addition of aluminum pillars in the front and rear action screws. Pillars are considered the best technique when combined with glass bedding due to the fact that the pillars don’t allow any compression changes that may occur when tightening your barreled action to the stock. With all the different types of stock materials, wood, fiberglass, composite and plastics when tightening the front and rear screw discrepancy’s can occur from either tightnening the front or rear to tight, or in the stock material compressing different, which would change the bedding point are allow unnecessary stress to the receiver which could seriously effect your accuracy. Cross Canyon Arms will pay special attention when measuring and fitting each pillar front and rear for your receiver’s perfect fit.

Pillar Bedding – Ultimate Bedding System – $275*

* Includes our standard glass bedding, Additional cost may apply for barrel channel inletting


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