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The delicate process of reloading is something that CCA takes very serious, as the saying goes….”a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Your ammunition plays a vital role in your shot for shot repeatability. Reloading is an art, a craft, a skill, and to some a tedious process. Just like everything in the world today things are always changing, reloading is the same way. Newer extreme powders, bullets with longer ogives, hybrid bullets, brass manufacturing. At CCA we do the best we can to stay on top of todays demands for accuracy in ammunition. Our staff is devoted to producing the most accurate ammunition for your rifle, with an in house ballistic lab for the most accurate data, we are capable of finding the perfect load for your rifle, wether we built it, or someone else. We’ll take your rifle and field test it at known distances for the most accurate load at the fastest velocity, finding the perfect accuracy node in the shortest time possible.
Reloading 2
Reloading- $37.60 per box of 20

With the production of Cross Canyon brass still in the beginning stages and the costs of buying new ammunition being so high, we offer our reloading program. You can send your spent brass into us where, we will inspect, clean, size and reload your ammo to your gun specifications, then ship it back to you in as timely a manner as possible. This is the most economical approach to having accurate ammunition if your not set up yourself and familiar with reloading technique’s.

Load Development $150.00 starting at
With this process you can send us your rifle and our in house ballistician will work up and develop an ammunition load that shoots the most accurate to your rifles characteristics. This is the most effective way to get everything out of your rifles setup, we’ll develop a load and field test it for accuracy at 100 or 200 yards, depending on your rifles requirements. Upon doing this, your rifle will also be zeroed in at the appropriate range. From here you can then choose for us to make you ammunition or we give you the charge recipe and data and you take it from there.

New Rifle Ammunition- Brass Specific

Cross Canyon Ultra Mag- $109.50 per 20
Nosler Cross Canyon Ultra Mag- $89.50 per 20
Remington Cross Canyon Ultra Mag-$79.50 per 20

Nosler Short Mag- $79.50 per 20
Remington Short Mag- $74.50 per 20
Winchester Short Mag- $72.50 per 20

Lapua 6.5×284- $64.99 per 20

Cross Canyon .22 - 73.99 per 20


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