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With the price of today’s high powered scopes would you really risk mounting it to your rifle improperly? A scope that is mounted on rings that aren’t straight and parallel can cause the main scope housing to bend, which would minimize the available sight distance that you should actually have in your scope, or even damage it beyond repair. Simply mounting the scope square is not the only step like most people would believe, lapping the rings for a perfect fit, having the proper distance for eye relief are just some of the things that the team at Cross Canyon Arms focuses on when mounting your rifle scope. We know you can’t hit what you can’t see, and that if you can’t acquire your target in a fast manner due to improper scope location and mounting, that you might be missing your once in a lifetime shot. Cross Canyon Arms will look at every detail when we mount your scope, we’ll have you on paper at 100 yards with our in house bore sighting.

Most people report back being able to zero in at 100 yards in 3 shots or less!! Now that’s a savings all of us can relate to when we’ve gone thru a box or two of expensive ammo at the range trying to sight in.

Rifle Scope Mount – $85


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